Red Silk Dimsum Chili

Red Silk Chili

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Homemade chili everybody is praising at Hidden Dimsum. There is a history in this chili, as the recipe was passed to us from our father. For Hidden Dimsum, the chili need not be too strong. Rather, it must possess the quality of bringing guests together. The chili has an intense flavor of spice such as sesame oil, black bean, three different variants of chilis freshly chopped and grind.

Whichever food you are having, this chili will surely match. Above all, this chili makes everyone around the table to be aware of it, and by that the present moment and the company. We call it Red Silk. May it connect you. May the silk roll rolling from the past ancient China to Nytorv be more than a bottle of dimsum chili!


200 ml.