Vegan Box from Hidden Dimsum Dimsum Box. Dimsum måltidskasser.

Green Sum Box

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This box is made for 2-3 persons and contains

- Cucumber Salad : Make your own cucumber salad based on our recipies!

- Pak Choi: With mushrooms and veggies intended for wok or pan frying 

- Wok Hand Stretched Noodles : Rice handstretched noodles with veggies

- 2 pcs. Veggie Big Bao : With pak choi, pumpkin, water chestnut and corn

- 6 pcs. Veggie Gaozi for boiling : Soy bean based fillings with cabbage  

- 10 pcs. Veggie Gaozi for pan fry : Pure juicy veggie gaozi with dill, pumpkin, cabbage, water chestnut and soy

Steamer is required to prepare the dimsums in this box. Select steamer if you don't already have one yourself.